The next Standard for Public Code community call will be held on Thursday, 3 September, 13.00 (UTC).

Video call-in link: https://meet.publiccode.net/StandardforPublicCode 

Last month we talked about if we should start with translations of the Standard for Public Code and what they could be used for. It was clear there was a need, so this time we would like to hear from you about more practicalities about this. We have made some first assumptions in this issue, and now we would like to know if they are correct and also hear from your experiences about processes and platforms for translations.

As always, the purpose of the community call is to make room for you, your questions and your opinions - so if there is anything else on your mind, feel free to bring it up. Also, if you cannot participate in this specific call but have thoughts on translations, feel free to just reply on this email.

Preliminary agenda.

We look forward to seeing you on the call! 

Jan Ainali, Codebase Steward
jan@publiccode.net | +46762122776 | @jan_ainali
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