The next Standard for Public Code community call will be held on Thursday, 7 April, 13.00 (UTC).

Video call-in link: https://meet.publiccode.net/StandardforPublicCode

First, we want to discuss if the Standard for Public Code should have requirements or guidelines about software architecture and modularity of the codebase. And if we incorporate that, how could it be phrased and where in the standard would it fit? Could we perhaps be inspired by the ISO 25010 standard?

As our second point, we have a suggestion to change the subjective and hard to test requirement “Contributions MUST be small.” to instead require guidelines about contributions.

If you cannot participate in this specific call but have any questions, feel free to reply to this email. 

Preliminary agenda.

We look forward to seeing you on the call!
Jan Ainali, Codebase Steward
jan@publiccode.net | +46762122776 | @jan_ainali
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