Signalen Product Steering Meeting 14th of January, 2021, 11:00 to 12:00

Chair: Felix

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Started a discussion about everyone’s expectations about the Signalen in their municipality, the challenges and what you want to get out of the product steering meeting. Last but not least I would like to make a short action list on steps we need to take to get a draft roadmap 2021 ready by the end of January beginning of February.

Round question:

Purpose and goal product steering meeting

Astrid is searching. She is interested in a common vision for the product and wants to know where we are going to work together. Jacco mentions that this is something we need together. Arjo and Astrid acknowledge it but it is also hard as everyone is in a different adoption stage and has different needs.

Felix mentions that it is important we meet and work on things we all commonly need. Felix and Jacco mentioned the idea of creating an Implementation Guide. A living collaborative document where we put our learnings from a process and organizational perspective. Not only will help such a document with the further adoption of Signalen but also as a vehicle for knowledge sharing in the product steering group. In doing the work we will also learn what is commonly needed, what is missing ultimately informing the roadmap and our future work as product steering group.

Implementation Guide

We will start to create an implementation guide where we will re-use as much information and documentation currently available about Signalen used by Amsterdam and created by Arvid and his co-workers. We will make it more generic applicable to other municipalities and will enrich the guide with our own experience and learnings.

Jacco, Felix and Arvid will have a meeting about this. Felix will set up a new repository for the implementation guide. Jacco, Felix and Arvid will make an initial table of contents including references to existing documentation. Next meeting we will discuss as a group what will need to be changed and added and we will distribute workload and jointly develop this document further.

Joint mission / Vision

We also briefly discussed working on a joint mission and vision. Here is a work-in-progress example the mission and vision for OpenZaak
Reason why describing this is important is outlined in the standard for public code:

User testing in Utrecht && presentation UX team Utrecht

Astrid mentions her project where Utrecht will be conducting user experience research. She asked if anyone is interested in certain research questions to be included that she is most welcome to receive them.

There was also interest from the group to have the UX team researching this to give a small presentation in a separate meeting. She will organize something in the coming weeks.

Agenda next meeting

Action points

Next chair: ???

ActionResponsibleDue date
Make table of contents and repo for Signalen Implementation GuideJacco, Felix with input from Arvid10-12-2020
Write down short vision/mission Signalen