Anton Boerma ( could not attend.

Agenda items
  1. Commit and merge rights to the Open Zaak repository
  2. Roadmap draft
  3. Architectural principles and code style
  4. PR containing Helm Chart
  5. Other items

Commit and merge rights to the Open Zaak repository

Merging pull requests to master is currently limited to two people:
Nobody has permission to push directly to master because of the branch protection rules in Github.

Anyone else who needs merge rights should bring this up during a technical steering group meeting, where a decision is made using a simple majority vote. We want to avoid that merge rights are assigned simply as a "symbolic" gesture, even if you do not actively contribute or review technical pull-requests.

Any technical steering group member should be able to create branches directly in the Open Zaak repository (i.e. a fork should not be needed). For that reason Tjerk will be added to the developers group on Github, and Anton will be asked at the next meeting.

Roadmap draft

The Roadmap draft in was collectively discussed to ensure that everyone understands the meaning of the items on the roadmap. The roadmap will serve as input to the product steering team to prioritize the items and sort out budget.

A number of extra roadmap items were brought up, but not added yet:
Architectural principles and code style

Time was running out, so every member was asked to review the pull request ( and either approve it, ask for clarifications or request changes.

PR Helm Chart

Early July 2020 rjzondervan submitted a pull request adding support for Helm Charts ( The PR has been reviewed with changes requested, but there has not been any follow-up since. We noted that there are no suitable maintainers for Helm charts in the group.

We will ask if these charts can be maintained and if the feedback will be processed and bring it up again during the next meeting.

Next meeting

The next meeting is not planned yet, so we'll keep an eye on the next product steering group meeting and try to plan it before that. Sergei will send invites for it.