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Here are the notes from the first Product steering meeting.

OpenZaak Product Steering Meeting - 22 September 2020, 10:00 to 11:00

Meeting link: https://meet.publiccode.net/OpenZaakProductSteering

Mailinglist: https://lists.publiccode.net/mailman/postorius/lists/openzaak-discuss.lists.publiccode.net/

Slack Channel: https://samenorganiseren.slack.com/archives/CT6UH711Q



  1. Introduction round
  2. Decide on the responsibilities / composition of the product steering team. Finalize the GOVERNANCE file (that’s in draft right now),
  3. Update of APIs for customers, so that OpenZaak follows the ZGW API standard as closely as possible
  4. Content and theme of the website

Introduction round

After the introduction round the input of Joeri and Silvion was highlighted. A number of these topics will be touched upon in our discussion topic about reponsibilities / composition of the product steering team. The proposed agenda item concerning the mission/vision/goal and strategy around OpenZaak product is being drafted by Hugo and discussed for review in our next meeting.

Additional proposed agenda items by Joeri and Silvion:

Proposed by Joeri:

Proposed by Silvion:

Decide on the responsibilities / composition of the product steering team.

The group discussed numerous topics concerning the responsibilities, composition and scope of the OpenZaak product steering group.

The group discussion involved questions about; people vs. organizations, type of organizations in the team (vendors vs. municipalities), roles in the team, and selection criteria.

Also the optimal group size was discussed; typically between 3 and 9 people and/or organizations was deemed as a good size.

Should it be organizations or persons that are part of the group? Both cases were made. An important point that was generally agreed upon was that the people coming to meetings should be invested. They are there to do work and take care about OpenZaak, not to make bureaucracy tick.

Everyone in the group agreed the minimal requirement should be that a team member should at least use OpenZaak in some shape or form (use, buy, sell, develop). Other requirements discussed (not decided) included:

Lazo mentioned that members are not there to represent their own interest but the health and interest of the OpenZaak ecosystem as whole. There were no opposing views expressed on that.

We did not decide yet on the composition of the team but Peter and Joeri volunteered to capture thoughts of the group discussions and other ideas into the draft GOVERNANCE.MD file in the OpenZaak repository. They will make a pull request for it so we can review this in our next product steering meeting.

Update of APIs for customers, so that OpenZaak follows the ZGW API standard as closely as possible

Agenda point proposed by Hugo about how to stay up-to-date / in sync with the ZWG-API’s which is evolving. A discussion around the scope of the OpenZaak product steering team started, weighing components vs. ecosystem. What is part of case oriented working and what isn’t and what should be in scope?

Part of this discussion will also be touched upon in the drafting of the product mission, vision and goals and need further discussion.

To Do's

ActionResponsibleDue date
Ask steering group for representatives in Product Group, post in the CommonGroundNiels, JoeriOctober 21st, 2020
Create draft pull request on GOVERNANCE.MD membersPeter & JoeriOctober 21st, 2020
Create Mission & Vision Draft on OpenZaak productHugoOctober 21st, 2020

Agenda for next meeting

Suggested to have rotating chair, Joeri takes next chair on Oct 21, 2020 15.00

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