Hi Jan,

Thanks for the mail. I would like to join in next time, as several of our teams are working on products (for Amsterdam) that need openzaak backend services, and we are planning on running openzaak backend instances at least as a development facility. Not sure if I need to join this meeting, the tech or the product steering committee.


Johan Groenen

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Op do 10 sep. 2020 om 16:28 schreef Jan Ainali via openzaak-discuss <openzaak-discuss@lists.publiccode.net>:
This is the notes from the OpenZaak Community call 9 September.


  • Jan Ainali, Foundation for Public Code.
  • Felix Faasen, Foundation for Public Code.
  • Alba Roza, Foundation for Public Code.
  • Eric Herman, Foundation for Public Code.
  • Gelmer van den Noort, Sales Consultant at exxellence.nl
  • Joeri Bekker,- Maykin Media
  • Silvion Moesan, Open Satisfaction
  • Sergei Maertens, Maykin Media
  • Hugo-ter-Doest - Dimpact + VNG
  • Niels Lindeboom - Dimpact


  • Brief introduction round
  • Technical steering team: composition
  • Define agenda items for the first meeting technical steering team
  • Product steering team: composition
  • Define agenda items for the first meeting product steering team
  • OpenZaak Website presentation and demo! Next steps

Technical Steering Team

  • Schedule: Monthly meeting.
  • First one: 23 September, 14:00.
  • Interested in becoming members:
    • Joeri
    • Sergei
    • Eric (coaching/observing)
  • Agenda points for the first meeting:
    • Joeri suggests: Keep the maintenance and support going. Also the financial aspect.

Product Steering Team

  • Schedule: Monthly meeting, preferably just after the technical steering team meeting.
  • First one: 22 September, 10.00.
  • Interested in becoming members:
    • Hugo
    • Gelmer
    • Silvion
    • Joeri
    • Felix (coaching/observing)
  • MUNICIPALITIES. Hugo wants at least:
    • Utrecht
    • Zuid-West Friesland
  • Agenda points for the first meeting:
    • Decide on the responsibilities of each of the teams. Finalize the GOVERNANCE file (that’s in draft right now),
    • Update of APIs for customers, so that OpenZaak follows the ZGW API standard as closely as possible
    • Content and theme of the website

Website Openzaak.org

Felix presented the first website for OpenZaak. It is a start and a proposal to the community and it is not finished. He also talked a bit about the new signalen.org website and we could use the website for OpenZaak. He also presented a few technical details which might limit content contribution/edits but proposed to have a look at it with the community and decide how to move forward. Discussing the website content and layout will be an agenda point for the first product steering meeting.

Action Points

ActionResponsibleDue date
Plan in recurring product and technical steering meeting and communiticate on mailing listJan + Felix10-9-2020
Involve more municipalities and vendors in technical steering groupGelmer asks colleague, Hugo+Niels
Involve more municipalities in product steering groupNiels & Hugo
Feedback on the website

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