Anton tried to join but had technical troubles.

Agenda items


Discuss the goal of this group

Eric gave an introduction about why this group has been called together.

Discussion about the governance file and the wording in it. We found a few places where the wording was ambiguous and not really easy to understand.

Sergei shared a really nice draft for a roadmap. Eric suggested to add some sense of cost and impact, Joeri agreed it would be good.

Maintenance and support

Q: Where does the prioritization set? It seems to not really be in either the product or technical teams.

A: Probably by the people having the budget, being informed by senior technical people they trust.

Q: How do we handle maintenance and bugs (which is quite different from feature requests)?

3 types of issues:

We discussed if it would make sense to compile a list of longstanding bugs (that are not feature requests) and present to the either the product steering team or Dimpact and start the conversation about organizing procurements including SLAs and on-going support.

Any other business

Q: Which channels are we using for communicating?

A: In addition to the github repository, the mailing list is the main communication channel, news, invites and notes will be sent there. But for convenience invites will also be sent directly as meetings. The HackMDs are only meant for collaborative note taking and not for archival purposes. The Slack channel is for quick synchronous communication.

Next meeting

Eric will reach out to Anton, who missed the meeting today.

Next meeting: likely 21 October 14.00 just ahead of the product steering group meeting, Sergei will send invites for it.

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